Difference between universal platform of Olapsoft from Anaplan

Detail description of differences can be found in the instruction for use of Olapsoft and technical documentation
The cost and possibilities of setting
The cost of licenses of Olapsoft in 2-3 times lower (up to 4 times cheaper in calculating TCO)
Opportunity time-limited licenses and buyout licenses in ownership, including by installments
(Quaterly/Yearly OPEX or CAPEX, including in installments)
(only Yearly OPEX)
Availability of package tariffs (reduced prices on licenses and included licenses, workspace, trainings and consulting)
(including custom update hours features)
Possibilities of tariffication, based on the cost of full contract of Anaplan or MS Office
(50% from full contract of Anaplan or 200% from full contract of MS Office)
Opportunity of setting on the client servers
(high level of security and unlimited volume of data without other spending)
Opportunity to use in the cloud (no necessity of installation and support an infrastructure)
Opportunity of installation in the corporate cloud or in any outer cloud / data-center
Opportunity of installation as apps desktop (needed from 16 GB RAM)
White Lable License is available
Separate license is available on OM DB (specialized OLAP and OLTP license)
(approach to DB as a service, opportunity to use with full customer client interface)
Olapsoft 1.0 (release date 15 October 2018)
Maximal size of saved data, RAM
130 GB in the cloud or 260GB on servers of the client in the presence of 512 GB RAM
130 GB in the cloud
Availability of time and versions subsets
(optimization of architecture and decrease of a needed space)
A constructor of entry forms for adding transactions and records
A constructor of dashboards with opportunity to publish tables and graphs
A constructor of context tables
(alternative dashboards to BI interface)
Users comments to clients (by analogy with Google Spreadsheets)
Formats of Versions and Cube Subsets
Routing with links for specific multicubes and superscript tables
(dynamic links allow to pass specific data grid or settings)
(static links with the opportunity of transition only at the model)
Matrix subsets with the opportunity do not save non existent / not possible crossings
Optimizer (opportunities of optimization planning / solving problems of linear and nonlinear optimization)
(inbuilt functional, working with standard and custom libraries, for linear and nonlinear tasks of optimization)
(separate paid Enterprise version with elevated cost of user's licenses, only for linear tasks of optimization)
Olapsoft 1.1 (release date 15 June 2019)
Transactional way of data entry and processings OLTP along with OLAP
(allows to process transactional records effectively)
Configurable toolbar in data grids (tables) and setting tables
(for grids of builders and multicubes)
Beta-version Kanban-board with opportunity to manipulate by cards
Functional of custom macros (possibility of editing by client) and scripts (JS ECMA-262)
(including executable by time macros/ scripts)
Integration scripts and opportunity to Get Data - requests and queries
(including, it allows to set up additional ETL procedures)
(partly realized in the view of connectors, absent ETL possibilities)
Olapsoft 2.0 (release date 15 December 2019)
Opportunity not to save empty cells (availability of additional storage system trie, together with planar and matrix subsets)
(the size of the sparse data cubes - up to 100 trillion of cages and more)
Kanban-board with opportunity to manipulate by cards
(including the opportunity of building task-managers)
Functional Flexible Grid with opportunity to add custom calculation columns and lines for any axis data grids
(including the opportunity of dynamic multi-filters of subtotals)
(partly replaced by building of intermediate modules and separate module-reports)
Virtual filters of a grid ( for example, filters of years' in case of months in columns)
(partly replaced by dashboard context)
Functional of auto concealments of empty lines and columns (Omit Empty Rows and Omit Empty Columns)
(partly replaced by filtration)
Data entry on any level of hierarchies
(an input on the hierarchy level without child-elements)
(an input only on the lowest level)
Olapsoft 3.0 (release date 15 March 2020)
Data format of Time (Time HH:MM:SS)
(partly can be changed through creating of handbooks hours-minutes-seconds)
Data format of File / Files. Opportunity to save and manage files (PDF, MS Office etc.)
The agreements system of budgets and documents with opportunity of a flexible setting of stages and logic approvals
(partly covered in Workflow)
An opportunity of building Gant-graphs on the base of standard handbooks and multicubes
(including the opportunity of building task-managers and project-managers)
An opportunity of building Calendar on the base of standard handbooks and multicubes
(including the opportunity of building task-managers and project-managers including for CRM)
An opportunity of building inside hierarchies at the subordinate handbook
3D Charts
Interactive graphs (clickable zones of graphs transfer a context and change values in data cubes)
API for outside requests and queries