About Olapsoft
Olapsoft is a Self-service platform that combines flexibility and simplicity with the reliability of enterprise systems. OLAP technology allows you to access data and make changes in real time, while working in the cloud or locally.

Supports a wide range of optimization, analytics, and data analysis tools. Offers advanced integration capabilities with existing solutions. Provides flexibility in configuring interfaces, storage structures and calculations. Enables script-level customization and custom macros.
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Why Olapsoft?
Getting information remarkably quicker Shorten the time to obtain the key financial and economic information necessary to make informed managerial decisions
Automation of analytical processes Automate routine analytical processes (collection, rationing, consolidation, reconciliation, etc.)
Company control tools Automate processes and tools for planning, analysis and control of execution for organizational budgets
Data comparability Ensure comparability of planned and actual data.
Accounting system Integrate with the accounting system for operational reporting and budgetary limits control.
Olapsoft provides
Creation of the single data warehouse
Ability to analyze plan-fact with full detail for transactions
Options to create forecasts in various ways (via template/manually) Make forecasts according to certain rules, and perform all operations in a single standard method, convenient for all departments (finance, commerce, IT, HR, etc.)
Replacement of heavy on-premise solutions Olapsoft can replace heavy on-premise solutions, Excel monsters or enterprise business intelligence systems, by providing the same functionality
Delegation of financial responsibilities by roles (access rights)
Options available for versioned planning and versioned analysis
Creation of cloud solution Platform enables users to create a corporate cloud solution or make use of Olapsoft’ cloud, maintaining 24/7 access, with no need to buy extra hardware
Custom hierarchy building Our platform allows you to implement any level of hierarchy and detail in the construction of analytical models, then scale them if necessary
Planning and budgeting
Olapsoft allows you to implement budgeting, planning, and forecasting solutions. The budgeting system is implemented with granularity to financial responsibility centers, cost centers, and cost items. Budgeting is carried out according to both the budget drivers (budget items and their calculation through rates, allowances, and coefficients), and in a free format with details in the form selected by users.
Line reporting system
The company P&L line reporting system with drill-down to financial responsibility centres, cost centres and cost items with the potential to fall directly to the actual transactions through direct integration with the accounting system and the IFRS module. Olapsoft also provides separate reporting for OPEX and specific reporting in the CONSO/MA format.
Automatic generation of management reports in corporate format.

Management of analytical models and BI: Olapsoft platform provides full modeling freedom with excellent built-in functionality, the ability to manage business logic for the model and separate access rights individually or by user groups.

The platform provides various data import-export tools: both in manual mode and via special functionality of integration applications and connectors. Integration is supported for all key types of databases and business intelligence software.
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  • Olapsoft supports a wide set of tools, provides flexibility in setting up interfaces, data storage structures, and calculations.
  • The major advantages of the platform are the flexibility to build models to any level of detail, the ease of training, and the autonomy of self-modeling.
  • Olapsoft empowers users to manage business logic for the models to meet constantly changing business needs and collaborate with other users using role-based and discretionary access control methods.
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To get test/demo access, send your request with a link to your company's website and a description of the model/functionality that is planned to be implemented on the Olapsoft platform.

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