Sales and Operations Planning

S&OP meaning sales and operations planning is an integrated business management process (Customers, Sales, Marketing, Development, Manufacturing, Sourcing, and Financial) that helps an organization develop a unified position on balancing supply and demand.

The main task is forming a joint plan and other detailed schedules for production and for deliveries that will help achieve financial and organizational goals.
We use the most flexible and modern analytical and BI tools to automate the S&OP process. This improves accuracy, provides better results and shortens the overall development cycle.

Stages of the Sales and Operations Planning

timeline Sales forecasting
domain Demand planning and risk assessment
forum Supply planning to meet demand
analytics Reconciliation of the demand plan against the supply plan
fact_check Finalization and publication of plans

Benefits of S&OP Model

Increasing profitability

S&OP helps to follow a consistent and balanced plan, which improves the quality of customer service, reduces inventory and waste, and helps to achieve financial goals

Monthly update provides plans on income and loss report as well as real-time “what if” analysis.

After the limited demand forecast is approved, the profit and loss statement (P&L) is calculated taking into account the forecast of cost, commercial, logistics, marketing and other expenses.

Effective decision-making

Olapsoft tools for S&OP allow planners to model changes in supply and demand throughout the planning cycle and analyze possible options for making more informed decisions.

The same modeling tools support making daily decisions, since constant changes need to be taken into account.

Shorter planning process

Olapsoft technologies for S&OP structure the planning process and automate the collection, analysis and processing of data, allowing the planner to quickly obtain the required information.

Olapsoft increases the accuracy of forecasts depended on the human factor.

Improving the interaction between departments

S&OP helps to develop cooperation between departments and create coordinated plans for every aspect of the business throughout the company.

By improving communication, S&OP eliminates dissociation between departments, builds consensus and helps different teams focus on achieving common goals.

Together, teams can use the information they receive to create better products.


Regular cycle of S&OP

Systematic reporting and comparison of the actual performance with the planned one.

Commands are able to quickly eliminate any inconsistency between departments and constantly improve operational and strategic plans.

Planning takes place automatically and is adjusted in real time.

As a result, the company receives accurate forecasts and high speed of information processing.

Key Features

Create, share and compare ways to develop your business.
Monitor any changes.
Find bottlenecks in the supply chain when demand jumps, new product launches or large-scale marketing activities.
See planning changes and recalculations in real time.

Use Olapsoft’s secure cloud space to ensure collaboration between enterprises:
Configuring dashboards for specific tasks and changing them at any time.
Prompt decision in case of deviation from the established plan.
Conducting a full audit of all changes.
Simplify the understanding of the impact of financial factors and ensure control over revenue, marginality and operational efficiency.
The ability to quickly take into account the influence of new factors in the current model and develop optimal management decisions.
Monthly prediction with the necessary details.
Expansion of interaction with all participants in the supply chain, regardless of their location.

Manage process performance KPIs:
  KPI for improved customer service.
  KPIs to measure project benefits.
  Forecast accuracy and bias.
  The number of action items from the previous cycle not completed.
  Adherence to the calendar.
  Number of decisions taken/deferred.
In the start of the project, existing performance is established, and then the KPIs are tracked to see what impact the new S&OP process has had.
Executive Olapsoft dashboards enable time, value-based decisions.

Plan for the future and make changes to the production schedule.
Evaluate various key performance indicators to decide which one will lead to the best results.
Once the best schedule is chosen, it can easily be implemented.
As a result: predictable revenue management and accurate budget forecasting.

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