Strategic Planning

With Olapsoft, the company will easily optimize it's sales, thereby increasing work profitability. Get started with a variety of intelligent tools on an automated platform. You will be able to plan your sales by products, regions, seasons and other, compare different scenarios in real time. Olapsoft provides a single connected platform for more flexible sales planning and sales performance management. Easily adjust plans to reflect changes, forecast sales, meet targets and optimize multidivisional plans.

Sales automation increases the number of customers, restructures the customer base, speeds up transactions, saves time and achieves other goals which ensure higher profits.
Sales managers can optimize resources to improve sales productivity and increase sales revenue. Olapsoft helps you to take control over your business and adjust sales in real time.

Key Benefits

arrow_upward Drives Business Growth & Revenue
signal_cellular_alt Enhances Sales Productivity
handshake Increases Customer Satisfaction
mobile_friendly Improves Marketing Effectiveness
group Enhances Team Dynamics
currency_exchange Empowers Sales Managers
fact_check Improves Forecasting and Planning

Benefits of the Automated Sales Process

Optimization of work between departments and a single digital storage

Collaborate in real time between functions and departments. Template tasks are handled by automation systems and the time freed up is spent generating sales. You can collaborate with multiple teams simultaneously and instantly link changes to quotas, territories, remuneration plans or forecasts to all other relevant plans and decisions. And a single digital repository eliminates the risk of data being lost or leaving with someone from the sales team.

Sales incentives

Turn incentives from an expense item into a strategic revenue driver by creating, modelling and optimising reward plans faster. By optimising sales performance, you can uncover hidden revenue opportunities. Olapsoft allows you to analyse and optimise your enterprise and combine historical sales data with forecasting capabilities and collect third-party market signals to assess the pipeline.
With Olapsoft you can create commercial proposals automatically based on your corporate templates.

Performance analysis and sales forecasting

With Olapsoft you will significantly improve the accuracy of your forecasts. Predict and protect your revenues with flexible sales planning and targeted, productive sales organization. Manage your go-to-market strategy to prepare for any future. Develop and optimise territories, quotas and targets, load plans and customer segmentation strategies to keep your team focused on revenue generation. At the right moment, have the ability to take the necessary steps on account: headcount, financial budgets, sales incentives, demand management, product launches and more. Lead your business into the future with ideal financial results.

Key Features

Sales force automation is suitable for any business
regardless of the scale (large, medium or small);
regardless of the field (real estate resale, lending, insurance, cosmetology, advertising and other);
regardless of who becomes a user of the system (CEO, top manager, marketing director, sales director, sales manager, or all together).

automation of business processes builds all components into one chain;
promotes the study of the client from all sides;
prevents loss of interest.

providing sellers with fast and consistent analytical information based on data from previous and subsequent systems;
multiple real-time scenarios;
optimised user interface;
integration of key elements.

use visual dashboards, updated as deals are made and incentives accrue;
monitor sales and predict incentives at any level;
aggregate alerts for sales leads and executive reports.

create an unlimited number of ‘what-if’ scenarios to quickly assess adjustments and new plans;
keep sales reps focused and motivated in the face of disruption;
instantly review the potential consequences of changes before implementing new plans.

import/export data in various formats;
integration with external data sources;
ability to update data both manually and automatically on a schedule;
construction of interactive dashboards with tables, graphs, KPIs and controls;
fast financial and analytical calculations, statistical and econometric calculations;
collaboration between users at the same time.

 KPI by years;
dynamic comments that change depending on the data;
top 10 best-selling products and other similar ratings;
KPIs by months, by product and counterparty or region;
sales by product categories;
sales by types of retribution: wholesale, retail, networks;
“what-if” analysis of KPIs


Demo request

To get test/demo access, send your request with a link to your company's website and a description of the model/functionality that is planned to be implemented on the Olapsoft platform.

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