Marketing Performance Management (MPM)

Data-driven, dynamic, collaborative marketing management is essential for business to build effective plans by connecting sales results, marketing performance and finance information.

Marketing performance management models are used to analyze campaigns results, connect them to the sales data, allocate and reallocate resources based on performance or demand.
Planning in international marketing is a higher-order activity that if set up correctly results in improved sales and increased profits for the organization.

Key Benefits

stacked_line_chart Measure campaigns results and sales allocations in one interface
pivot_table_chart Forecast the resources required to fulfill for your marketing plan
multiline_chart Create what-if scenarios to predict the impact of changes you’re planning

Improve your productivity in marketing planning

Difficult to adjust marketing plans in spreadsheets can’t guarantee quick respond to the changed circumstances.

Olapsoft provides real-time changes in data that helps to modify your strategy and avoid excessive spend on the wrong marketing activity.

Easily compare budget to actual

Ensure visibility into your sales, easily measure ROI, instantly reallocate marketing spend based on altering circumstances or performance numbers.

Using Olapsoft you can set desired level of marketing performance and control its fulfillment, improve forecast accuracy, identify trends and adjust plans respectively.

Stronger connection to sales, service and finance departments.

Using Olapsoft you can ensure real-time collaboration across departments that provides one source of truth.

Create more accurate income plans based on historical sales numbers and marketing performance metrics.

Business Intelligence features

Visual reporting functionality helps to significantly decrease decision-making latency due to analyzing, monitoring, and displaying key marketing indicators in a single view.

Interactive dashboards in Olapsoft give immediate insight into marketing data so you can optimize ROI and analyze impact of campaigns before developing them.


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