With Olapsoft you get

Olapsoft supports a wide set of tools, provides flexibility in setting up interfaces, data storage structures, and calculations

Olapsoft compensates for the disadvantages of Excel and allows a company to take the forecasting and planning activities to a new level.

Access level control in Olapsoft involves the creation of user accounts with different levels of permissions. The platform administrator can assign each user with a specific role or access level, which determines what actions they can perform within the platform.Olapsoft offer multiple access level options, including read-only, read/write, and administrator access levels, as well as more granular control over specific features and data sets. This ensures that users can only access the data and features that they need to perform their job functions, and prevents unauthorized access and modification of sensitive data

Integrated planning refers to the process of combining financial and operational planning activities into a single, comprehensive plan. This approach allows organizations to link financial and operational goals and develop more accurate financial forecasts. For example, by integrating sales forecasts with production plans, an organization can ensure that it has the right inventory levels to meet demand. By combining financial and operational planning activities, organizations can develop more accurate financial forecasts and make better-informed decisions. This helps organizations to allocate resources more effectively and make more strategic investments. With integrated planning, organizations can quickly adjust their plans in response to changing business conditions. This allows organizations to be more flexible and responsive, enabling them to adapt to changing market conditions and stay ahead of their competition.

Olapsoft can scale both horizontally and vertically. Horizontal scaling involves adding additional resources to the platform, such as servers or processing nodes, to increase its capacity. Vertical scaling allows for upgrading existing resources, such as processors or memory, to improve the platform’s performance. As data volumes increase, queries become more complex, and Olapsoft is capable of meeting these growing demands without compromising performance.

Olapsoft uses various security measures to protect data, such as data encryption and access control. These security features are designed to prevent unauthorized access and protect data from theft or loss. The platform is hosted on secure servers and cloud infrastructures specifically designed for data protection. Additionally, data loss is prevented through regular backups. This allows organizations to quickly and easily restore data in the event of a failure, data corruption, or other emergencies.

That’s where Olapsoft comes in. Our platform is specifically designed to fill the gaps left by Excel, offering a robust set of tools for comprehensive data analysis and planning.
With Olapsoft, you can:
Implement role-based access control to secure sensitive data.
Engage in strategic integrated planning that aligns your financial and operational goals.
Scale your data analysis efforts without compromising on performance.

Olapsoft leverages cutting-edge OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) technology to deliver blazing-fast calculations, even when you’re working with massive amounts of data. This ensures that you can:
Generate real-time reports without waiting for lengthy calculations.
Perform complex queries and data manipulations in a fraction of the time it would take in Excel.
Scale your data analysis efforts without worrying about performance bottlenecks.

Google Sheets
Calculation speed
Faster calculations because of OLAP technology
Slow calculations with large number of rows
Slow calculations with large number of rows
Flexibility is higher than SAP or Oracle, but lower than Excel
High flexibility
High flexibility
Simple scalability
Scalability leads to errors and requires a lot of resources
Scalability leads to errors and requires a lot of resources
Data relevance
Reports are recalculated automatically
The need to open and recalculate all the Excel files in the chain.
Formula import from another doc is customized for each cell
Cost of deployment is low but more expensive than Excel
Low implementation cost
Low implementation cost
Outage prevention
No possibility of outages. Backups are stored in the cloud.
High possibility of outages while working online
High possibility of outages while working online
Access control for users
High data security. Employees see only intended info
Access to each sheet/file must be configured for each employee
Input in cells can be limited, but copying data cannot be prohibited
Cell history
Individual/group cell history and changes by single user
No cell history function
History of an individual cell
Data storage
Stores any volume of data in SQL/noSQL formats, builds data marts for BI/EPM
All data is stored in a file
All data is stored in a document
Potential loss of data
Single source of data, making data loss impossible
High risks of data loss
High risks of data loss
Role access functionality
Role Access
No Role Access
No Role Access
Workflow coverage
Workflow tool
No Workflow tool
No Workflow tool
Individual views and filters
Ability to save a customized table view for each user
A table set up for one user may be inconvenient for another
Users can only save their filters for a table, but not its position.
Planning approaches
Hierarchical data. Automatic data aggregation
Usage of pivot table, that is not comfortable
Writing a formula for each cell
Data consolidation
Bottom-up planning, goal cascading
Manual formation of a separate table
Manual formation of a separate table
Analytics tools
Traceability and Drill Down to a transaction
Availability of traceability but absence of Drill Down
No traceability and Drill Down
Process optimization
Optimization planning
Individual statistical formulas
Individual statistical formulas
Version and scenario analysis
Automated version and scenario analysis
Manual configuration of versions and scenarios
Manual configuration of versions and scenarios

Ease of Migration

Olapsoft has excellent integration with Excel, which allows users to import xlsx files in just one step:

Upload xlsx files to Olapsoft by dragging and dropping.

This integration makes it possible to quickly transfer your data to Olapsoft and start using the system in no time.

Nice price

By prioritizing functionality and ease of use, Olapsoft can avoid unnecessary development costs and pass the savings on to their clients.

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