Senior BackEnd (PHP) Developer


- Experience in building daemons-applications in PHP;
- Ability to quickly understand already existing PHP-applications;
- Experience in working with MariaDb/mySQL;
- Experience in developing business/corporate applications;
- Experience with GIT;
- Knowledge of English language. Additional languages will be an asset.


  • Back-end application development based on PHP7+ for corporate scheduling service;
  • Covering existing and new functionality with integration tests (codecept);
  • Translating PHP7.1 code to PHP8+;
  • Participating in the development of the application architecture and the Olapsoft cloud platform as a whole.

Pros will be:

  • Ability to understand legacy code and translate them to PHP8;
  • Knowledge of C++;
  • Knowledge of MongoDB;
  • Knowledge of OLAP models;
  • Experience of working with Redis;
  • Independent design skills in complex software architecture.

Terms & Prospects:

  • Possible equity participation in the company (option program);
  • Semi-annual/annual bonus;
  • Opportunities for growth: to lead one of the development areas;
  • Flexible schedule and part-time work (at least 20 hours per week);
  • Remote work (location does not matter).

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