Senior Frontend (JS, React) Developer


- 4 years experience in JavaScript;
- Active JavaScript (ES6+) practice in the last year (understanding of inheritance, scope, execution context, events, OOP, classes, etc.);
- Development stack: React, Mobx, (Jest tests, Puppeteer+cucumber)
- Knowledge of pure/native JavaScript:
o Strong understanding of Objects;
o Knowledge of DOM, AJAX, HTML5, CSS;
o Understanding and use of (promise, async/await);
- Concept of e2e and unit testing;
- Rest, WebSocket;
- CSS + preprocessors;
- Jest, xpath (cover functionality from scratch, snapshots, etc.), Puppeteer - behavioral scripting;
- npm and webpack at advanced level (organize needed configs from scratch, etc.);
- Chrome dev tools at advanced level (profiler, performance, memory analysis, etc.);
- TypeScript;
- React 16+ (non-blocking rendering / react-hooks), Mobx;
- Architectural design skills;
- Knowledge of English, German. Knowledge of additional languages will be your advantage.


  • Development of new functionality in Optimacros application;
  • Support of existing code base;
  • Creation and support of test infrastructure;
  • Interaction with product managers.

Pros will be:

  • Experience working with large projects;
  • Experience working as part of a team;
  • GraphQL or Protobuf;
  • Canvas, Svg (graphics, use rechart) or d3, AnyChart, amCharts, rechart, etc. (a number of tasks will be in data visualization (graphics).

Terms & Prospects:

  • Growth prospect: lead one of the development areas;
  • Flexible schedule and part-time work (at least 20 hours per week);
  • Remote work (location does not matter);
  • Semi-annual/annual bonus;

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