Efficient planning plays a critical role in the success of any business as it entails forecasting, resource optimization, timely informed decision-making, and the attainment of strategic goals. Regardless, conventional planning methods may fall short and fail to meet the demands of contemporary organizations.


Olapsoft redefines the concept of planning by offering a unique analytical tool that enables flexible and rapid analysis of a company’s activities, facilitates timely managerial decision-making, and enhances overall planning efficiency.

The Olapsoft platform seamlessly integrates corporate planning (CPM) and business intelligence (BI) tools, providing companies with a comprehensive range of decision-making opportunities in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Olapsoft enables users to automate the planning and analysis process across various business functions, while also creating a unified tool for integrated planning (bottom-up and top-down), decision-making, and performance tracking for all units and divisions within the company.

One of the major advantages offered by Olapsoft is its self-service capability, providing users with a level of flexibility compared to traditional spreadsheets. The platform presents an intuitive interface and a comprehensive suite of tools. Unlike conventional tools, however, Olapsoft empowers users to construct intricate models with varying levels of information access for different roles. Leveraging OLAP technology, the platform efficiently consolidates vast datasets and facilitates swift implementation of plan-fact, factor, and scenario (what-if) analysis, thereby significantly enhancing the planning process.

Olapsoft boasts the reliability and stability of enterprise-class systems. The platform presents customers with the flexibility to choose between an on-premise server installation and a cloud SaaS service, based on their preferences and requirements. With advanced technologies and robust data protection measures in place, Olapsoft prioritizes the security and confidentiality of client information. Regardless of the volume of data and complexity of analytical tasks, Olapsoft guarantees consistent performance, rapid data retrieval, speed of receipt, up-to-date results, and precise accuracy.

An advantage of Olapsoft is its ability to be implemented gradually, and step-by-step into existing business processes of a company. The implementation of Olapsoft does not necessitate a lengthy approval process for a detailed technical specification. Clients have the flexibility to modify their requirements and preferences during the implementation, seamlessly integrating Olapsoft with various processes in parallel or subsequently, ultimately achieving integrated planning within the company. The platform adapts flexibly to meet the customer’s needs, considering their interests and enabling projects to be implemented while considering the unique specifics of each company.

Olapsoft presents a fresh perspective on planning, encompassing plan-fact, factor, and scenario analysis. By combining CPM and BI tools, the platform delivers self-service capabilities and ensures enterprise-class reliability, along with flexible integration with customer processes and IT systems. Olapsoft is revolutionizing the concept of planning, empowering companies to efficiently manage extensive data sets and enabling management to make well-informed decisions promptly and effectively to establish and attain strategic goals within rapidly changing market conditions.